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Related article: Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 00:54:25 PST From: Rod Blake Subject: Adventures in Fort WayneAdventures in Fort WayneChapter 1 - Memoriesby Rod B. LakeIt was 10:40 p.m. I just got home from work at the TV station, rushed to the phone and called my best friend Cal.He answered the phone on the first ring. "Hello."I decided to play with Cal. Disguising my voice and breathing heavy, I croaked, "What are you wearing?"Cal answered in a false ultra-feminine voice, "Only my best pearls, fuck-me pumps and some press-on nails. Why don't you come over and do me stud?"I giggled.Damn. I lost. Usually Cal loses that game.You see, Cal and I have this contest we play with each other where we try to say more and more outrageous things to each other on the phone - who ever laughs or stumbles first loses."I win," Cal said. "The first round of drinks is on you.""OK, but not tequila. That stuff makes me all randy." Last time Cal and I drank tequila together, I got horny as hell and lost my dignity as I made out with a troll in the parking lot of a gay bar called After Dark.Cal continued his girly voice, "Alright sweetie, I settle for a vodka martini." Vodka martini. Natch - that was his signature drink.I hit the speaker phone button and put the phone down as I started to undress myself. "Cal I need to shower - you go to the bar and I'll meet you there.""Am I on the speaker phone again? Are you undressing in front of me again?" Cal was mocking me. "You know how much I hate it when you get naked."I stripped off my shirt and pants and was pulling off my underwear as I answered. "Only for you, bucko. I'm only queer for you."That was an Underage Lolita Models inside joke - a quote from some bizarre movie Cal made me watch once. I loved Cal - no don't get the wrong idea. Yes, I love Cal, but like a brother.He's cute, I guess - about 6'2", brown hair and eyes. He's got a sparkle in his eyes when he laughs that makes you want to laugh right along with him. But as far as sex attraction goes - nothing. But that's ok, it makes him a better friend. Besides, Cal had a devoted boyfriend. At 24, Cal's a year older than me."Well, I'm hungry," Cal said. "Let's meet at Henry's first to get a bite." Henry's is a restaurant next to the newspaper Cal works at. I think he is addicted to the grilled turkey sandwiches there."Cool," I answered, walking over to the phone completely naked, my flaccid dick swinging back and forth slapping from one thigh to the other with each stride. "I gotta hit the shower - see you in 30 minutes at Henry's"I clicked the phone off, threw my dirty clothes in the bedroom hamper and walked toward the bathroom.I caught a glimpse of my nude self in full glory. Not bad - the time I've been spending at the gym is starting to pay off. My once latent muscles were really starting to become more pronounced on my 6'1" frame.I brought my hand up to caress the hair on my chest. I liked the hair on my chest - not too much - not too little. It started just under my collar bone - swirled over my pecs and stopped just below my navel. I brought my other hand up to touch my abs. Unlike my chest, my stomach has no hair - unless you look really close.The hair starts up again at my navel, and travels straight down to my cock and balls. I let both hands rub down my front gently until I reached my genitals.I could feel my dick beginning to grow. "Not enough time, Cal will kill me if I keep him waiting," I told my naked reflection. I went to the shower, adjusted the water and climbed in.I kept my head down, letting the hot water from the shower flow over my aching muscles. Little warm rivulets of moisture gently tickling the tension from my shoulders, back and legs.I grabbed a bottle of citrus-scented body wash, flipped open the cap and squirted a good-sized amount into the palm of my hand. The liquid soap had a pearly translucence that reminded my of sperm.I smiled to myself as I rubbed it into my body. I moved out of the stream of water - not wanting the soap to be washed off my body and down the drain before I had the chance to cleanse myself.Using both hands, rubbed the soap into my chest. Rob, my ex-boyfriend used to like lathering up my chest.I missed my ex-boyfriend. I moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana eight months ago after living in Montana for a couple of years after college. I left my ex, Rob, there - it was an ugly scene when he found out I had applied for a job in Indiana near my boyhood hometown.I work in TV news as a reporter. You can't be too picky about where you work when you're young and just starting out as an on-air talent in broadcast journalism. I didn't want to move to Montana in the first place - sure it's beautiful with mountains and everything. But it isn't exactly the best place to be a gay man.The best thing about Montana was Rob. As I continued to lather myself, I remembered the last time Rob and I had sex. I was naked and wet then, too.***I had been working at an NBC affiliate in Montana, and was out covering a wildfire - my last story for the station before packing up and moving to the Hoosier state for my new job.It was a fun story, but it was also dirty. I got coated with soot and was sweaty. When I finally got home to the place I shared with Rob, he greeted me in the garage."You looked hot on TV today," he said."No shit," I mumbled. "It was hot out there with the sun and the fire.""I meant sexy hot," Rob moved closer to me and pulled me into his arms. He nuzzled into my neck. "I'm really gonna miss you." He held me tighter than usual. My heart sank.I hugged him tight too. I felt him becoming aroused. An all-familiar lump in his crotch jump-started my own lust. I moved my hand to either side of his face and tilted him up to me and planted a gentle kiss on his lips."You know you can some with me." I looked into his eyes, pleading.He shook his head. "I'm a wildlife biologist. There isn't any wildlife in Indiana that needs studying - at least none that I could get a paying job studying." He pulled away from me and held me at arms length. looking me up and down. "God, you're one sexy TV man, Rod."I smiled and tried to move in closer. He held me firmly away. "But, Rod, you stink - like sweat and smoke." He started undressing me, "Off with these stinky clothes."In about 30 seconds, he had my completely naked, then started undressing himself.Rob looked good naked. He worked outside hiking up mountains all day - and the physical workout showed. And so did his tan lines. He didn't have a farmer's tan - he tended to take off his shirt when he was alone in the field. The tan stopped at his waist and started up again at his thighs. I loved looking as his creamy white ass compared to the dark brown of his broad shoulders and back.His muscles were not huge, but they were bulgy enough of me. His chest was broad, tan and hairless, except for some short light brown hair around his nipples.And the hair around his dick was cropped short - it was a darker brown than the roots of the hair on his head - but nowhere near a dark as my own pubic hair. The muscles of his legs were enough to get me hot and horny any day of the week. I loved looking at him naked. I started getting hard right there.Rob had sun-bleached hair on his head - very blonde with light brown roots. He kept it cut close on the sides and back and longer in the front. Usually in the morning, he'd leave the house with it gelled, but by the time he came home in the afternoon, it was flopped into his eyes.I loved brushing his hair our of his eyes. I reached over to do just that. He grabbed my hand."Nope. Swim time." Rob turned and led me to our back yard where the pool was. He loved skinny dipping. I loved skinny dipping with him.After swimming for about 15 minutes and horsing around, I got out of the pool. Rob chuckled and Underage Lolita Models pointed at my crotch. "Looks like you have some shrinkage.""Hey the water is cold. I bet you have the same problem.""Nuh-uh. Wanna compare?""I thought you'd never ask."Rob crawled out of the pool, I marveled at the way his muscles bulged and played over his back and chest as he pulled himself out.He walked up to me and we compared. "No fair, you're still bigger than me," Rob stuck his bottom lip out pouting."I'll take care of that," I said, pulling him closer, and kissing him passionately. I moved down his body, kissing his neck, his chest, nibbling his nipples."Oh, yeah, Rod." He moaned. I felt his hard dick hitting my chin by the time I got to his navel. Rob's dick was a little over six inches - about 2 inches shorter than mine. I liked it that way. He had the better body, the better looks - Underage Lolita Models and I had the bigger dick.I kneeled down and kissed the crown of his cock. Rob gasped, "please... oh yeah." I loved it when he got this way. I decided to tease him. I skipped his throbbing dick and buried my face in the thatch of pubic hair at the base of his cock, licking him there hard. He moaned louder. I grabbed his dick and rhythmically squeezed it, letting his unconscious thrusting motions provide all of the jacking while I licked and nibbled on his nuts."Oh Rod - please, I need to put it in your mouth. You're killing me," Rob was pleading. I was enjoying myself this way, but was getting too lusty myself to refuse him for much longer.I stood up. Our throbbing dicks started jousting as he embraced me and kissed me with a passion I hadn't felt from him in months."I need you to fuck me," I panted as I broke away from him. Rob loved fucking me. I think he got off topping me, knowing my dick was bigger than his. I didn't mind at all.I pushed him away and jumped into the shallow end of the pool. Rob followed, came up behind me, pulled me against me and started humping the crack of my ass.I pushed back into him with my butt, enjoying the sensation of that hot cock pushing between my ass cheeks. He started panting into my hear."Not this way," I said, pulling free. "I want to see your eyes as you take me." I waded over to the steps leading out of the pool and sat on the ledge and spread my legs motioning him to me.He dived in a surface between my legs, grabbed my iron-hard cock and pulled himself up by it. "Nice handle," Underage Lolita Models he said as he bent down and started sucking me off. My toes curled as he started licking my dick and balls. I was moaning and grabbing his head. "No more sucking. You gotta fuck me now, I need you inside me," I begged him.Rob stood up between my legs, pulled me into the pool, but I stopped halfway in as his cock hit the entrance to my asshole perfectly.The was a slight pause. I smiled and he let go of me and let gravity to the work as I slid down and his six inches slowly impaled me. "Oooo." O cooed like a baby when I hit the root of his cock and felt his pubes mashing into my perineum.Rob looked me in the eyes. I could feel his cock throbbing with his heartbeat. I could barely perceive the change when he started a slow thrusting motion. I watched as his steel Underage Lolita Models gray eyes dilated with lust and his breathing got heavier. "Come on Rob, I know you can fuck me harder than that." I egged him on.That did it. He grabbed my hips and started pounding into me. "Shit, yeah." I could feel every vein of his cock as he was sliding in and out - each stroke hitting my prostate causing chills throughout my body. I leaned back onto the side of the pool, my head resting on the ledge, enjoying the power fuck of my life.I was startled out of the bliss when Rob leaned over and bit my chest. Hard. Ouch! "Lean up and kiss me you bastard!" I love it when Rob was demanding. I leaned into him, he was tonguing me hard in the mouth as he was fucking my hard in the ass. My dick was getting a workout rubbing up against the hardness of his flat belly."Oh," I moaned. "I'm getting close.""Good," Rob growled. "I love it when your ass clamps on my dick when you come." He took one hand off my hip and grabbed my cock - jerking it with a frenzy. I was panting so hard, I was getting lightheaded. I could feel the tingle in my balls as the sperm was getting ready to shoot."Jesus..." I clamped my legs around him tight, but he kept thrusting and jerking me off. "Fuck... yeah." I lost it. I felt wave after wave of ejaculation shoot out of my dick. The first one hit me in the chin. The second and third caught rob in the face and hair. And I didn't stop there. I shot about 4 more times."Yeah, motherfucker come all over me," Rob groaned but didn't break his pace of slamming me in the ass. The he leaned forward, put his forehead on my shoulder, arched his back and grunted."Oh Rob you hot fuck, I love your ass." I could feel his cock grow inside me as it swelled with ejaculation. I could feel each blast coating my insides making my colon more slippery as he continued to thrust."Oh, yeah" He shot about seven times inside me before stopping. He held me to him, motionless - holding my quietly, staying inside me."I could stay like this forever," I sighed."Liar," you're moving to Indiana in the morning. He hugged me tighter.***The shower water blasted cold, breaking me out of the Montana memory.Damn! I was running late. I rushed out of the shower and grabbed the towel to dry myself. Cal was going to kill me I only had 15 minutes to get dressed and drive over to Henry's.----------------End of Part 1------------------Like what you read? Any suggestions? E-mail me>rodblakehotmail.com
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